Waterloo St Shared Path Closed

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    Just before the Bridge to Nowhere over the M8, the shared use path is closed due to the nearby construction works. I've been told the path will rebuilt as a bidirectional path and not the previous shared use.

    There is no official diversion. The easiest route appears to be the pavement on the opposite side but it's particularly narrow at a point and complete with street furniture.


  • It's been like this for around a month now. Cyclists are supposed to dismount and walk on the other side. Initially they had a sign for cyclists going west saying to dismount and I was going to complain and comment that cyclists are entitled to use the carriageway at that point but the sign disappeared before I had a chance to do that so maybe someone else complained!

  • I read the first post and did a kind of mental shrug muttering 'That's Glasgow for you' About a day later indignation kicked in. Isn't this a much publicised quote flagship route?

    I went that way on Friday (on foot), now there's a sign for people coming off the bridge saying 'Cyclists dismount use footway' (sooooooooo friendly....), but going west you'd cross the toucan crossing straight into a barrier. No information about whether or how the route continues beyond the blockage, how long the closure's going to go on or what it's for (Scottish Water has at least learned to put signs up about the lovely clean water we're going to have when they've finished blocking roads for months and months).

    if there's a blizzare of complaints every time this happen perhaps they'll eventually find it easier to do things properly. The council website has an email address for problems with cycle parking, minor works, routes and signage (most easily found with Google advanced search ).

    It's sustainabletransport@glasgow.gov.uk

    It's not just about this, cycling issues need to be hauled out of the silo and recognised across everything the council does or allows.

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    @timba I've heard stories of cyclists missing the entrance to the Bridge to Nowhere and instead taking the slip road for the Kingston bridge... This current setup is likely to further confuse people, who may then join the carriageway and stay on it.

  • Reminds that there was a clip somewhere of someone on a bike In the Kingston Bridge traffic - terrifying.

    Here we are: https://www.aol.co.uk/cars/2017/03/02/bizarre-video-captures-cyclist-pedalling-down-the-motorway/

    It seems to have been in every paper, but none of the links are working (for me) now.
    Though if it was Waterloo St that accidentally led you on to the M8 you'd be on the left hand side wouldn't you? (And you'd surely stay there....)

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    I'm assuming the setts are for cycling on? I think there was a bicycle painted at the far end. Photo taken 2/12/17

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