Penguin Crossing

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    At the recent cycle hack I thought I'd look into a problem at the back of my mind; pedestrian crossings at bike paths, especially at bus stop bypasses.

    Its trivial for normal people to cross a bike path, but not if you can't see or rely on body language from others. They require controlled crossings for peace of mind and subjective safety. More research here.

    Its a problem that often comes up with new cycle infra.

    We need a cross between a zebra crossing and puffin/pelican crossing to get the best of both worlds. Here's the cycle hack.
    alt text

    I'm not the first to think of this problem, this blog is focused on keeping cost down since a fully powered control crossing can cost roughly £100 000.

    alt text

    And even further back in time we have the Panda crossing, which is similar, but seemed to be short lived, after having some problems in trials. alt text

    I'm curious what other people think could be done with the Penguin crossing idea.

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    Real working examples of a similar crossing

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