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Holyrood debate on active travel

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    There'll be a debate on "The Promotion of Active Travel in Scotland" tomorrow (Tuesday 31st) at Holyrood

    The motion being debated is: "That the Parliament recognises the importance of walking and cycling; welcomes the 100% increase in funding for active travel from £40 million to £80 million from 2018-19 and the appointment of an Active Nation Commissioner in early 2018, and notes the work across parties, communities and policy portfolios to make Scotland a healthier and more active nation."

    Get in touch with your MSPs ( and ask them to speak up in favour of Pedal on Parliament's asks to ensure that infrastructure is built to ambitious design standards and that local authorities are supported in planning long term -

    You might also want to ask your MSPs to mention such things as presumed liability, encouraging greater roll-out of the Close Pass initiative by Police Scotland, and any other cycling bees you want to put into their bunnets.

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    The transcript of the debate can be found here:

    There appears to be cross party consensus that building infrastructure is needed to raise cycling modal share. There were good points made around bike-rail integration and transport poverty. I'll try to get a summary written up for PoP in a couple of days.

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    @jchivall I had a quick look and from my brief glimpse there are lots of positive comments. I look forward to you summary though!

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