Glasgow Connectivity Commission

  • Glasgow city Council's twelve month Glasgow Connectivity Commission launched 24 November is described here
    Headed by David Begg. Should cyclists say what they think is wrong with city centre roads? And get it in the press?

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    Launched at the annual State of the City Economy conference, over the next 12 months the Commission will explore challenges and opportunities with the city centre's public realm; congestion and pollution levels, and public transport patronage.

    Active travel is mentioned further on though:

    Professor Begg said: "One of the remits of the Commission will be to have a transport network which contributes both to a stronger economy, a healthier environment and social equity. These are the three key outcomes we will look to deliver.
    "In order to achieve that we need to get more people onto public transport, walking and cycling, we need more quality pedestrian space and public realm to improve the retail environment and city centre experience and cleaner vehicles.

    It would be good to engage with these people and get some of our own active travel input. We could even draw-up our own suggestions.

    It will be interesting to see how this links into the City Centre Avenues.

  • I can't find out much about the Connectivity Commission online. I wondered if they might be able to influence Byres Rd and Meatmarket/Gallowgate. May be slightly too early if they're still being set up. Also, David Begg seems to be a professor in Plymouth. However, I found this event -

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    The first report from the Connectivity Commission has been published.

    The report is full of really good stuff.


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