SW City Way - side road issue

  • A comment posted to my website brought up an issue with how the South West City Way treats a side road near the Shields Rd bridge (eastern side).

    “... The Shields road cycle path. Just south of the weak bridge they’ve created a new road into a new industrial park. It has give way markings on both sides of the cycle track and the cycle track is painted green. Last friday the inevitable happened. A car was straddling the cycle track trying to force his way into the queue which always forms. A cyclist choose to go round the front of the car, he didn’t see her (or look). He pulled away and she ended up on his bonnet. The bike’s from wheel was buckled, and the chain guard wrecked and the rider was bruised. The driver left the scene saying it wasn’t his fault.
    The real issue is that this is a shocking piece of design. The volume of traffic there means that anyone wanting to leave the industrial park is going to struggle not to sit on the bike lane. Anyone know if there is a mechanism for complaint?”

    I answered about how the woman could report the incident and that the road would probably be under LES in the council. I suggested the Dutch solution may be leaving a car length between bike track and road. However, there seems to be a wall next to pavement at the moment which would complicate things.

    Just wondered if anyone else had experience of this in rush hour or alternative solutions.

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