Finnieston Improvements

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    The cycle paths would take in St Vincent Crescent, Minerva and Corunna Street at the red tunnel linking Finnieston to the SEC and Hydro.

    The plan also includes improved crossing points for cyclist on Sauchiehall and Argyle Streets, which could lead to traffic being reduced to a one way system and landscaping.

  • Ah, this might explain the cycle counters installed on the north end of Bell's Bridge then?

    I was cycling there on Monday and there was an elderly gentleman wheeling his bike onto the bridge, muttering and shaking his head. I asked if he was okay and we ended up chatting for a good 20 minutes about his frustration with way people cycle at speed on the narrow path between Bell's Bridge and Stobcross Rd, the poor surface there, and the broken bits of railing still sticking up waiting to injure the unsuspecting.

    Hopefully it's not a case of "Are there enough people using it to justify making it good to use?"

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    @joesoap76 there's also a new counter at the West end of Glasgow green. I don't know if it's related.

    That stretch of path is really bad when it's busy. It puts me off using it.
    There's space for widening, particularly if they removed the large black and invisible in the dark hazards...