Route advice - Sauchiehall St to Glasgow Green

  • I'm going to Pedal for Scotland, and will be staying near Kelvingrove the night before. Any advice on the best way to get to Glasgow Green in the morning? I presume traffic won't be bad at half six on a Sunday, so was thinking I'd just head down St Vincent St and then Argyle St, but I've gotten lost in the one way system before.

    Don't suppose there'll be anywhere serving breakfast at that time on a Sunday morning, either?

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    @frenchy the one way systems in the city centre are very confusing.

    There's a mixed shared-use path that runs on the north side of the Clyde. It's traffic free and runs to Glasgow Green. Although at the Casino you'll need to either carry your bike up steps or take the detour up and over. To get to the Clyde you can take the 'tube' bridge across at the SECC. Map of route here.

    Another way is to follow Argyle St from the West End to and through the City Centre. It does require crossing the busy junction under the motorway at Anderston but there are signalised crossings. It will also take you across the pedestrianised part of Agryle St, which should be fine early in the morning. Route here.

  • Cheers un.

    Can anyone recommend a decent pub near the west end of Sauchiehall Street? Decent beer selection, serving reasonably priced food and not too loud, preferably.

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