Brecon Beacons

  • I have foolishly agreed to spend a weekend with friends cycling the Brecon Beacons. Looking forward to catching up with them, but not so much looking forward to the cycling.

    Truth be told, I've barely ridden my bike for many (many) months and am not 'match fit'. I've got just shy of seven weeks to get there. I've made a start and it seems the legs still remember what they're doing so I reckon I can do it - but the fear of the unknown is weighing on my mind.

    I know it's not exactly local, but has anybody ever ridden in the area and, if so, can you give me an idea (perhaps with an equivalent local route) of what I might have gotten myself in to? I'd ask the friends I'm going with but I'm already the slowest of the bunch and don't want them to worry they'll be towing me around.

    This is all in preparation for a trip we're planning to Alpe D'Huez next year - hence my concern they've picked somewhere mountainous.

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    Hi @JoeSoap76 I guess you could look at the route you will be doing and plot it out on google maps. (Using directions) When the bike icon is selected you'll get a height profile. Then look for equivalent route locally.

    You may want to check out Ride 63, I hear they are a nice group and could help out. You might find some more local clubs here.

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