South City Way (Victoria Rd and connections)

  • Asked about the double zebras at the consultation - IIRC (and I may not) the answer was that it's 'forbidden' to have a crossing that changes type part way across (ie from zebra to signal). And once it's offset, if you only have one who's going to walk the extra distance from the 'wrong' direction?

    They did seem to be working it out as they went along, so if there are better solutions elsewhere it's definitely worth feeding them into the process.

    I've just been in South Wales, were there's one section of NCN4 where they're using Give Way triangles on the cyclepath at places where pedestrians are likely to appear from another direction (eg bottom of a footbridge). Seemed reasonable - you do (or I did) pay an extra bit of attention, but the route (at the time we were on it) wasn't esactly highly populated with either pedestrians or cyclists.

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    @timba Give Way triangles would be more 'flexible' than zebras. Pedestrians tend to thread their way through passing bikes who often want to keep their momentum!

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    alt text

  • And it begins........

    ...cycle route will increase congestion... ET

    The headline is misleading though - the quoted complaint is that with the road narrowed (and floating bus stops) a stopped bus will block the sole lane. And the bus stops are opposite each other.

    For the record, it doesn't seem that long since they spent ££££ turning Paisley Road West into a 'Quality Bus Corridor' by taking out thte bus stop pull-ins and creating build-outs so that a stopped bus blocks the sole lane.

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    @timba Nachtegaalstraat, Utrecht, has bus stops directly in the carriageway. As @i put it: "Buses can avoid pulling into and out of the layby, making a smoother and quicker journey for bus passenger." It was one of the good things in the Byres Road proposals.

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    That design was specifically requested by the bus companies for Bearsway to reduced journey times, I’d imagine the same for this. Rarely gets a mention in the press though, it’s always about private cars isn’t it?

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    At the recent Battlefield consultation, a timescale of 2.5 years was mentioned for completing the construction of the SCW from Queens Park to the Clutha junction. The GCC officer was expressing his frustration at this long timescale.

  • He's not alone in feeling the frustration - especially when they can do pointless cycle infrastructure (well, some of it is purely shared pavement, but not all) associated with Fastlink before a hat has had time to drop.

    Given that the Sauchiehall St avenue work is due to start a year after the original date, 2.5 years actually sounds optimistic I fear. Hope I'm wrong.

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    Similar London project:

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