Top 20 "Danger Junctions"

  • Spotted this article on the BBC News site earlier. Will be interesting to read the full report when it's available, but can't say any of the Glasgow junctions on the list particularly surprise me - some examples of pretty poor road design here.

    "Top 20 danger junctions for Scottish cyclists revealed"

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    So, that's:

    • Barrhead Rd / Peat Rd / Braidcraft Rd / Brockburn Rd roundabout
    • A8 (Castle St) / Cathedral St
    • Mearns Rd / A727 (Clarkston)
    • A8 / Sprinhill Parkway
    • Spiersbridge roundabout

    Surprised there's not more entries! Even though they claim to have weighted by the number of cyclists there, I think we just have too few folk on bikes to actually have the incident that would get the junction on the list in the first place.

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    Just hunted those all down on Googlemaps, and yeah: the list is nonsense. For example, you've got Castle St / Cathedral St, which is a fairly basic T-junction, but not either of the motorway-style sliproads and underpasses 200m north. And the Mearns Rd / A727 in Clarkston is even more innocuous, and yet just down the road you've got the monstrous Eastwood Toll roundabout.

    We don't have enough people cycling to result in enough crashes to make the data meaningful, I reckon... None of those on the list are fun, but Glasgow has plenty worse than that!

  • @DarkerSide I'm assuming the Castle St/Cathedral St one is bad because when it's busy or there are problems on the motorway the junction gets blocked, frustrations rise and drivers start jumping lanes to beat the lights. When it's not busy it's just lousy (as with all Glasgow traffic lights) for amber gamblers and RLJs.

  • Castle St/Cathedral St:
    Castle St also has narrow lanes next to Cathedral Sq and lots of traffic crossing lanes to turn down John Knox St. Motorway slip roads further north stop at traffic lights at junctions. Section under M8 isn't too bad going north (from right turn). I don't use it from left turn or southbound (I'm in Dennistoun).

    I try to avoid this section of road. Also has pinch point at maternity entrance inshot further round. I sometimes daydream about ramps up through Royal or round Cathedral - see middle of this page:

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