Audax and sportives 2017

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    I have @richie_b. And then made absolutely no attempt to up my cycling mileage in preparation.

    Still. It says there's cake at the end. What more incentive could you want?

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    PS: what's up with the Fujin...?

  • I have gotten better-half-ly permission to enter this earlier today, so will get that done tomorrow. See you at the start line? Need to check that I can get me & my bike there in time, but I should be grand to go. You should be a few hours in front of me by the end, so I should be no competitor for cake...

    Fujin has a broken front wheel. Repair has been delayed by indecision about how to progress recumbent audax bike. Now getting a dynamo hub wheel in the next couple of months & postponing indecision....
    Looking at this now and wondering....

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    Looking at it and thinking "gee, I'm glad I'm not entered for that"? I think I'd struggle for domestic approval... Although apparently 600s are easier than 400s (at least as far as sleep is concerned).

    Yeah, I'll be there. Preparation has consisted of not touching the bike in two weeks, so I'll likely be taking full value from the time allowance. Debating whether to drive to the start, or add on the trifling 14km at each end.

    As in, ikkle dynamo wheel for the Fujin? Or glamming up the Enigma?

  • The Enigma already has a SON hub and an Edelux II, so it should be grand. Needs a new saddle though, so just before a long ride seems about the right time to panic and buy one....
    So, aye, a little 20" dynamo wheel. Plan is to get a dynamo wheel and a tail box on it & see how it/I cope on longer rides. I can't really afford a dual 700c bike just now (although a trial of the M5 did tempt, not sure I could live with 25mm tyres, though), so need to think about whether the Fujin is enough or whether I need to sell something/save pennies to get a dual 700c thingy....
    I need to look at trains and cycling from Johnston to get there early enough. I won't be fast over 200km, even if it isn't especially hilly. You may well be faster than me: I haven't done a 100km ride since July...
    I am seriously tempted by a 600km with only 5km climbing. Find a gear and turn it for 40 hours and you are pretty much done! Need to see how wrist and backside cope with 200km before deciding, though.

  • Do you have a .gpx of the route BTW? Routecards scare me and I have no memory for learning routes from a map...

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    Not yet. I was going to nudge the Audax Scotland facebook group and ask around. I don't have the handlebar space for anything but the Garmin!

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    @richie_b just gpx-ed out the route here:

    Note I use the climb categories for roundabouts (eg cat 2 climb is "second exit on roundabout". It makes sense on the GPS, honest.

  • I came here to share my carefully gpx'ed out route, having completely failed to check this thread before spending an hour or so gpx'ing....
    I wouldn't mind so much, but your route is better (I couldn't get that bit sorted coming off the cycle path onto the A82).
    I'll take your word for the roundabout thing! I haven't noticed a prob using ridewithGPS before.
    TY, much appreciated!

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    For the cyclepath bit switch to "draw straight lines".

    The roundabout thing is personal preference. Rwgps puts in left/straight/right cues, but unless you've got the map up it's not much help. If you go through and manually add in the "climb" cues, you get a handy number in a circle for the exit to take.

    At some point I'll blog about how I set it all up. If only so when I share stuff people aren't wildly confused!

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