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    You can currently upload images directly to the forum - it's particularly convenient when on mobile. I've been considering what todo about this since there are, as far as I see, 2 potential problems allowing images uploads:

    1. Takes up server space
    2. Uses bandwidth from the server hosting provider.

    My current thoughts is to keep the upload feature for it's convenience but encourage people to upload elsewhere where possible, and implement a compression tool to reduce all uploaded images to <250kB. This size seems to be reasonable in maintaining image quality.

    What do others think?

  • Seems reasonable. If you're aiming for a maximum compressed size, probably worth enforcing a maximum upload size too? And for the less tech-savvy amongst us, might be an idea to have a post somewhere with a couple of suggestions of other places to upload to (and how to then embed that in a post)?

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    There is currently a maximum files size upload limit of 2MB. The image width is then automatically resized to 400 pixels. It turns out this is actually reducing most file sizes < 300kB so we probably don't need a separate compression tool.

    Personally I use and Dropbox.

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