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    There's new plans for Byres Road to be overhauled.
    There has already been a drop in session to get feedback from the community last January or so. Anyone know if much has happened since then?

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    Email received with dates for upcoming meetings:

    Your invitation - please share!
    Since the launch event on 23 February, we've been busy with technical surveys and initial design work for the redesign of Byres Road.

    A series of public events will be taking place in August to share different options. Everybody is welcome - we need input from as many people as possible to guide us to the right solution.

    Please come. And please share this invitation!

    What's this about?

    There’s a new Byres Road coming... funding of £9m has been allocated through the Glasgow City Region Deal to make Byres Road a great place to be. Work will start on the ground in late 2018. We have until then to do the design work - with public input - and get the necessary consents in place.

    How can I get involved?

    During August 2017 there will be a series of design events where we'll share different options to balance pedestrians, cyclists, buses and traffic — and to make Byres Road a better place for everybody.

    This is everyone’s opportunity to reshape Byres Road as a world-class street for businesses, residents and visitors. Come and have your say.

    Drop-in design days on 14-16 August are our big focus. Initial design options will be on display, with the design team there to hear your thoughts. This is your opportunity to shape the future of the street!

    Monday 14 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Tuesday 15 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Wednesday 16 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library

    Inclusive design workshop on Monday 7 August is specifically for disabled people, elderly people and those with long term health conditions. It will be held in an accessible West End venue on Monday 7 August. Please book in advance via Glasgow Disability Alliance: or 0141 556 7103.

    Business breakfast on Tuesday 15 August is for anybody who runs or works in a business on or near Byres Road. Drop in between 8am and 10am for a chat with the design team - we'll be at The Hill, 94 Byres Road. Help shape the proposals so that they are good for business!

    To find out more about the project....

    Check out the exhibitions in Hillhead and Partick Libraries for more information. has lots of informative posts and debate.
    Contact us direct at or 07900 334110.

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    It seems discussion is happening on their Facebook page:

    Byres Road Corners are the designers.

    Comments from their Facebook page:


    Byres Road Corners: Anything is possible, but we think full pedestrianisation is unlikely to emerge as the preferred option. That's simply because removing all vehicles could unduly disadvantage many businesses, residents, disabled people and bus passengers. It might also result in a street which feels too 'empty' for the amount of business and pedestrian/cycle activity on a day to day basis, although it's difficult to judge that. Redesigning the street has to balance all these things, but we are keen to explore how much we can deter unnecessary through traffic from using Byres Road in order to free up more space for the other things that make a 'healthy street', as described in this morning's post. We'll be sharing ideas of how that redesign might look in mid August - watch this space.

    Motor traffic volume concerns:

    Byres Road Corners: Spot on. One of the bits of technical work we're doing is looking at the impact of less traffic on Byres Road on other parts of the road network in the West End. We don't want to inadvertently make other streets less safe and comfortable. We'll be presenting options for comment in mid August, dates soon to be announced.

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    Just noticed that motor traffic is being considered as just "traffic"

    During August 2017 there will be a series of design events where we'll share different options to balance pedestrians, cyclists, buses and traffic — and to make Byres Road a better place for everybody

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    @un I contacted the designers about the use of the word traffic and received this response:

    'Traffic' basically means anything with an engine in it on the street! Cars, taxis, trucks, buses, vans, motorbikes etc.

    I then followed up with:

    Would that be motor traffic then or motor vehicles? My concern with the word "traffic" being used exclusively for that which is motorised, is it suggests that other modes are not considered legitimate forms of traffic. Broadly speaking traffic consists of the movement of people and goods, this can be achieved through a range of modes with some more preferable to others.

    Their final response:

    I must admit I didn't appreciate that distinction. We're concerned with all vehicles and traffic (however it's defined), whether motorised or not.

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    An intention of this project is to create a sense of public space on Byres Rd making it a "great place to be". Given Byres Rd forms an important north-south link for buses, I'm interested how they intend to achieve this sense of place whilst allowing for bus traffic that will take a lot of that space.

    One way could be through the narrowing of the carriageway to one lane to give that extra space. Traffic lights would then limit access for one direction at a time:

    I've marked the bus stops with orange squares.

    Double lanes at either end:

    Real Dutch street-view example here.

    Single lane for middle:

    The parking lane (one side only) would serve loading purposes.

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    First consultation event was today. I'm hoping to make it tomorrow.

    As a reminder of the times and dates:

    Monday 14 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Tuesday 15 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Wednesday 16 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library

  • And after lots of great talk in advance of this the proposals in terms of cycling basically amount to a segregated lane in the quietest bit of Byres Road (the south end) and nothing else. They say there isn't space for everything people want but there seems to be space for parking on both sides of the road for most of the length of it. Need to press our councillors on this as it doesn't meet the manifesto commitments of at least two of the parties (SNP and Green).

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    @iain I was there this afternoon and was shocked to see how little provision for cycling there is but, like you say, there is plenty of space for motor traffic.

    There are 2 options, 1 is pretty much as it is and the other involves a short section of protected bike paths but then sharing in narrowed lanes for the rest. The later could make things worse for cycling.

    Photographs of the posters:

    Speaking with the designers I was told that Byres Rd is different to Buchanan St since it's not in the heart of the city, motor vehicle flow was important to the creation of a place, and that consideration for cycling was secondary.

    If you can make it along then please do.

  • @un @iain All very disappointing and not at all radical (although it obviously IS radical to those who want to park everywhere and drive everywhere, and there were some in attendance). Please do go along and try to make the case, this is in danger of squandering good money to provide nothing much, and get such projects a bad name in the process.

    @un- did I really hear one of the designers ask you a question she didn't ask any of the others there? 'What do you do?'.

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    @discominer yes I was asked that, I'm not sure why. I stated that my profession has historically been guilty of designing poor public realms, and yet that's what these people are also wanting todo.

    In this project it feels like public realm means "Fancy paving for parking on".

  • @un but non-car-owning car-centrics were allowed to spout nonsense about parking?

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    @discominer it was really sad to see that - people who don't drive were defending those who want to park anywhere at little to no cost.

    I've been trying to capture their style and thinking, what about this?

    Let us celebrate motor traffic and all that is has done to us by proudly inviting it into our public realm, to be. It's when waiting long times to cross the road that we have our most profound moments of thinking, juxtaposed against the quick short half run, keeping you on your toes to beet the beeping.

    The act of raising ones voice above the rhythmic hum of engines is what gives energy to our public space, along with the warmth and kindness of its drivers. It's the plumes of progress that add to the cocktail of smells that shape and define our coughing journey through this hazy place, for all to enjoy.

    We have carefully created radical new designs that challenge the status-quo and bring back the old meaning of public space by firmly reasserting the motor car of the 60s.

  • There was noone around when I went yesterday so I basically left a note on a postcard and that was it. I do think it's worth taking them at their word that these are still drafts and pushing elsewhere to say these designs aren't good enough. The way I think about it is when will money next be spent on a redesign of Byres Road on this scale so it needs to be future proofed for the next 20 years at least. All our politicians are saying that will be when we have greater use of public transport and active travel so we need to design the streets that way now to get there, not the other way round which is the premise these proposals take.

  • @un yup, profoundly worrying. The lack of imagination in Jo Public is depressing...Bob Gunderson lives! I've been thinking about the 'existing' pics of Byres road as presented, and wonder if the early morning shots were deliberately used to give the impression that not much really needs to change...then I cycled down the road amid choking fumes and tailgating drivers... I strongly encourage all here to give your tuppenceworth, because as @iain says, this might be a once in a generation opportunity, and of the west end can't be 'won', what hope elsewhere? TBF, I spoke to one man who declared that there shouldn't be any parking, just loading for businesses, and who thought the wee village green n Vinicombe St was the way forward. I liked him.

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    I had forgotten that a designer mentioned Bears Way. I don't remember the exact wording but it was something todo with the "problems it has". There was something of an anti-cycling vibe.

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    I've noticed that there are soft copies of the layouts up on the Facebook page. I'll try and get a blog post out over the weekend. Definitely worth emailing Anna individually - she's keen to be contacted by anyone about cycling stuff, and she can't act of there's no evidence of a problem.

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    @darkerside @i was along this afternoon and the message he was getting was the designers would like todo more but felt restricted by the council. This does seem to conflict with what I was being told and so I'm going to ask them to clarify - I'll write back with their response. It does seem odd that 2 recent main Streets, Sauchiehall Avenue and Victoria Rd, have been designed with cycling provision but Byres Rd is largely not.

  • Let's make sure we put pressure on at both ends. I've been encouraged by the number of people expressing disappointment in cycling provision on the facebook page today so hopefully the designers are getting the message. In terms of councillors, Anna Richardson has already been suggested but there are seven councillors whose ward touches on Byres Road. They are...

    Ken Andrew (Hillhead - SNP)
    Martin Bartos (Partick East/Kelvindale - Green and SPT Chair)
    Tony Curtis (Partick East/Kelvindale - Conservative and attended PoP)
    Kenny McLean (Partick East/Kelvindale - SNP)
    Hanzala Malik (Hillhead - Labour)
    Martin Rhodes (Partick East/Kelvindale - Labour)
    Martha Wardrop (Hillhead - Green)

    Their email addresses are

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