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    There's new plans for Byres Road to be overhauled.
    There has already been a drop in session to get feedback from the community last January or so. Anyone know if much has happened since then?

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    Email received with dates for upcoming meetings:

    Your invitation - please share!
    Since the launch event on 23 February, we've been busy with technical surveys and initial design work for the redesign of Byres Road.

    A series of public events will be taking place in August to share different options. Everybody is welcome - we need input from as many people as possible to guide us to the right solution.

    Please come. And please share this invitation!

    What's this about?

    There’s a new Byres Road coming... funding of £9m has been allocated through the Glasgow City Region Deal to make Byres Road a great place to be. Work will start on the ground in late 2018. We have until then to do the design work - with public input - and get the necessary consents in place.

    How can I get involved?

    During August 2017 there will be a series of design events where we'll share different options to balance pedestrians, cyclists, buses and traffic — and to make Byres Road a better place for everybody.

    This is everyone’s opportunity to reshape Byres Road as a world-class street for businesses, residents and visitors. Come and have your say.

    Drop-in design days on 14-16 August are our big focus. Initial design options will be on display, with the design team there to hear your thoughts. This is your opportunity to shape the future of the street!

    Monday 14 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Tuesday 15 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library
    Wednesday 16 August 1pm-7pm Hillhead Library

    Inclusive design workshop on Monday 7 August is specifically for disabled people, elderly people and those with long term health conditions. It will be held in an accessible West End venue on Monday 7 August. Please book in advance via Glasgow Disability Alliance: or 0141 556 7103.

    Business breakfast on Tuesday 15 August is for anybody who runs or works in a business on or near Byres Road. Drop in between 8am and 10am for a chat with the design team - we'll be at The Hill, 94 Byres Road. Help shape the proposals so that they are good for business!

    To find out more about the project....

    Check out the exhibitions in Hillhead and Partick Libraries for more information. has lots of informative posts and debate.
    Contact us direct at or 07900 334110.

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    It seems discussion is happening on their Facebook page:

    Byres Road Corners are the designers.

    Comments from their Facebook page:


    Byres Road Corners: Anything is possible, but we think full pedestrianisation is unlikely to emerge as the preferred option. That's simply because removing all vehicles could unduly disadvantage many businesses, residents, disabled people and bus passengers. It might also result in a street which feels too 'empty' for the amount of business and pedestrian/cycle activity on a day to day basis, although it's difficult to judge that. Redesigning the street has to balance all these things, but we are keen to explore how much we can deter unnecessary through traffic from using Byres Road in order to free up more space for the other things that make a 'healthy street', as described in this morning's post. We'll be sharing ideas of how that redesign might look in mid August - watch this space.

    Motor traffic volume concerns:

    Byres Road Corners: Spot on. One of the bits of technical work we're doing is looking at the impact of less traffic on Byres Road on other parts of the road network in the West End. We don't want to inadvertently make other streets less safe and comfortable. We'll be presenting options for comment in mid August, dates soon to be announced.

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    Just noticed that motor traffic is being considered as just "traffic"

    During August 2017 there will be a series of design events where we'll share different options to balance pedestrians, cyclists, buses and traffic — and to make Byres Road a better place for everybody

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