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    I had a very quick count up of the parking spaces going south: 48. That's not including disabled and loading bays.

    So that's approx 104 total. If we give a generous estimate of 30 mins turnover, plus occupancy of 2, that's a parking load of 416 for the whole street.

    Just 416 people per hour.

    Give the same space over to pavements and you add in the region of 26,000 per per hour capacity. Or split the half and half with cycle lanes and you get 7,000 in by bike and 13,000 on foot.

    It's just barmy that business think it's parking keeping them afloat, when actually it's holding them back.

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    I'm starting to think we need to mobilise/enthuse the general population in a coordinated manner to get any meaningful changes to the proposals.

    Perhaps we need a Friends of Byres Road group to promote an alternative and more ambitious vision for the area, and sell the dream of what it could be?

    This could then coordinate responses back to councillors and planners through petition, email/letter writing, press and events.

    It's a breakthrough with the wider populace that is required to shift political will, otherwise we'll just keep on tinkering at the edges of the status-car-dominated-quo.

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    @jim-collinson I've been in discussion with others about this very idea and we're intending on setting-up a campaign website. I was considering "space4cycling Byres Road" and putting it under the space4cycling brand.

    Yes, organising an event to bring people together to show that we need space4cycling.

    I'm waiting to hear back from others about website hosting and domains, but I intend on getting something setup by the weekend. I was also thinking of organising a meet-up where we can discuss in person. Probably in a pub/cafe, perhaps Siempre.

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    @un I'd caution against using a cycling brand, as it might limit the scope and reach somewhat.

    Naturally, I'd like to see cycling infrastructure as a key part of the redesign, but any campaign would need to be broader than that, particularly as pedestrians are so poorly served, yet are the primary users.

    It certainly could be a multi pronged approach though... i.e. large community campaign, also endorsed by and supported by S4C and GoBike etc.

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    @jim-collinson I share your concerns. Particularly as many people who would benefit from a safe cycling environment don't currently recognise the benefit it would bring to them.

    I did think of Friends of Byres Road but I thought something like that may already exist. Perhaps someone here might know?

    What about space4people? It would hint at the cycling aspect (and that they're people) whilst emphasising the current motor domination.

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    I quite like Space4People as an alternative.

    However, it's worth remembering who the ultimate target audience is for such an initiative: and really that is the councillors and council leaders. For them to be swayed by it, it would have to be clear that this was a proposal and campaign that is coming directly from residents and visitors (voters) and those connected to the area; rather than an external pressure group.

    That's why I suggest something more like "Friends of Byres Road" which can get locals onboard with an alternative vision, and then empower and mobilise them to sell it in to councillors.


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    The next consultation is happening some time in November.

    There is an event for supporting a people friendly Byres Rd.
    Sunday 22nd October starting 10.45 at the Transport museum. It'll be a good way to send the message that we want something better for walking and cycling.

    The design team will feel they have more of a license to do something bold.

  • Perhaps this has already come up - but - the proposed Govan-Partick foot/cycle) bridge will open a conduit from an additional area to the Byres Road fleshpots. And it's a bit of a hike on foot.

    It would be a great bit of joined-up development if Byres Road was an attractive place to cycle by the time the bridge opens (a Govan councillor told me recently that it's planned for - er - 2020? - anyway, relatively soon as these things go).

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    That's a good point @Timba. For the ride on the 22nd we are starting at Riverside Museum, so we'll definitely be able to get a sense of what it could be like.

    Btw there's a new blog post about what would actually be good street layouts for cycling.

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    Option 1 - Pedestrianisation

    alt text

    Option 2 – Bus route and local access only

    link text
    alt text

    Option 3 – Through route

    alt text

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    We have visualisations!
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

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  • Was sorry not to be able to make this (was Green conference weekend) but great to see such a good turnout. Also well done to whoever was doing publicity as I had my bike locked up near Kimchi Cult for an hour on Friday and when I came back there was a flyer for the event on the handlebars!

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    @iain Several of us were handlebar flyering the local area in the lead-up to the event. @i was the creator of them. I did try and get some shops to put-up our posters but it looked like they didn't get the manager's approval. I think the walking and cycling pound flyers went down well.

    alt text

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    I'll leave our traffic count data here so anyone can see it:


    Byres Road:Pret a Manger - Greggs
    Both directions
    Time: 12:25 to 12:40
    Vehicles: 148
    Cycles: 4
    Buses: 2
    Black cab taxis: 5

    Byres Road: Uni Av junc South arm
    Both directions

    Time: 12:54 to 13:09
    Vehicles: 151
    Cycles: 9
    Buses: 4
    Black cab taxis: 7

    Time: 17:16 to 17:26
    Vehicles: 118
    Cycles: 7
    Buses: 7
    Black cab taxis: 1
    Pedestrians: 122

    Time: 17:30 to 17:40
    Vehicles: 107
    Cycles: 14
    Buses: 0
    Black cab taxis: 7
    Pedestrians: 137

  • Hi
    Following last nights talking, I have asked Hillhead library about putting up posters of proposals for Byres Road. Library says they can will consider it - contact librarian is
    At present a poster display of six A" sheets is pinned up - so perhaps propose the same size display. Let me know of any problems getting it organised.

  • Found Images of possibilities look good. Has someone looked at possible layouts on large scale plan of Byres Road in detail, to see what can be fitted in? Is it posted somewhere?
    I suggest: propose zebra crossings at regular intervals (others proposal for a strip in the middle to assist pedestrians trying to cross is crazy); trees where the pavements widen.