Hydro Desire Line

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    A fine implementation of the 4 Ps - piss poor pedestrian provision. And nothing like a gyratory for cycling

  • I used to shortcut across the (ahem) VIP car park. Then they started putting barriers up- I skipped round them, then they put in a longer pole across the car park entrance. GRR! The Hydro public realm is a shameful waste; we could have statuary, pop-up art/cafes, decent walking infra- anything really, but, at gigs, the area is either car parking or de facto car advertising, the rest of the time- desert.

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    It must be so when people have finished at the Hydro they can come out and drive to the Hilton Hotel 🤷♂

    The transport museum is similar - spend all that money designing a snazzy structure only to then tarmac over the surrounding area.

  • What Glasgow does best, it seems. Nasty, unfriendly public realm.

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