New Distillery on Clydeside

  • Does anyone have any idea how walking/cycling provisions are being taken care of here? At the moment there's a diversion but I imagine there'll be traffic at the distillery and worse, there's a carpark just west of it which appears as if access is given over the cycle path.

    Anyone else seen this or have ideas about how it might look when done?

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    Good to see you again Gillies!

    I've been asking myself that same question. There are currently no TROs out for that section but maybe someone else on here might know.

    The West car park is used as a holding area for a car sales company... and I share your concerns around just what they're planning on doing or not doing here and the impact of the brewery on the existing layout.

    It's hard to find plans online and all I've found are artist's impressions, most of which are of the water front. I did find a the whole site perspective but I think it is from a previous design, before revision:

    Revised impressions can be seen here:

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    It would have been nice if the plans made space to include the Clyde walkway along the front, next to the Clyde.

  • @un smirks this is Glasgow!

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    From the above artist's impression there is some onsite parking and so some vehicle movement through the entrance.

    Some photos from today:




    There does not appear to be any changes made to the road layout, except for the loss of priority to pavement users. This is still something we often get wrong - the pavement should have priority over minor side roads.

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    This morning - cars being stored prior to loading into the car park. Especially frustrating as there's easy access to the same lot from the carpark at the museum further down.

    The driver of the truck was beeping at me whilst taking the picture.

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    "Our new distillery offers stunning views of the renowned river clyde... and a car park next door"

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