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  • Seatpost and saddle from Mitchell Street this afternoon.
    Seatpost is this one:
    To be fair, the clamp was one of the worst bits of engineering ever, so I hated it, but don't want to think of folk making money from nicking bike bits.
    Could we: publicise through networks (it's an unusual seatpost and if the street value goes down I won't be sad); offer any advice on how I am supposed to stop folk nicking seatposts attached with an allen key (is there a locakable alternative); let me know if anyone is aware of a way of reporting low priority (for the Police) crime that doesn't involve spending hours on the phone to a grumpy operator?

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    @richie_b That's annoying. @DarkerSide operates the forum's twitter feed. I've seen people securing the saddle with a wire through it but they could still use allen key to detach the saddle from the post - may make it harder though.

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    Phone 101 for non serious crimes, I hope it won't take hours, but its worth doing it, the theft will be on record.

    One way of securing a seat post is using a steel one and let it rust in place; there are probably some disadvantages with this approach...

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    Glue a ball bearing into the bolt. Can be removed using solvent, but effectively secure for street parking purposes.

    You can also get weird-shaped bolts, but that means keeping hold of a spare set of keys...

  • Thanks all.
    The ball bearing trick is an act of genius! I just need to get something which breaks down OK in solvent and not let anyone near my bike with petrol....
    WRT the steel setapost, I think I did that on an old bike. To be fair, one of the joys of a Ti frame is guarding against galvanic corrosion, where any disimilar metal will eventually seize and alloy with the Ti, so I could manage it with an Al seatpost too!
    Police were good on 101 in the end; 10 minute call, then they called back later, so that was all fine. No one was grumpy, although, trying to explain why it was the seatpost, rather than the saddle, which was the expensive component was more than a little tricksy.
    & I will be asking employer if we can find room in our incredibly cramped office if I need to take best-bike into work in future, I think...

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