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  • Just discovered this forum. Great to be able to connect with other folk. It seems to me that with the SNP and Greens being able to vote through proposals in the council, and with both standing on strong active travel manifestos, the next five years could be make or break for radical change in Glasgow. So if you were to dream big, but also to be specific, what would be the projects you would want to see happen?

    For example, my top priority would be a segregated route along Great Western Road from Anniesland Cross to St George's Cross. I think we need cycling given segregated space on a substantial chunk of a main arterial road before Glasgow can be taken seriously as a cycling city and that would be a route that would be immediately well used and have potential for growth beyond it.

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    I think the big dream for me is a grid all over glasgow, which includes GWR.

    Victoria road is somewhat close to a main road that'll have proper infra, so if its successful, the council will have more confidence to expand it.

  • I would guess anyone posting here wants full coverage of the city so that's why I was wondering about very specific ideas. Sometimes it can be easier to campaign for individual changes rather than wider cultural ones.

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    I think the mapping project I'm working on should touch on that. While it covers all of glasgow, it will highlight the main roads that need changing. The idea is individual councillors can look at roads on the map of their local area that need priority. Like GWR for example

  • Is this the maps using strava data?

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    I've got access to it, its not public access so I have to be careful about it. But it's useful as an overlay to prioritise routes.

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    Accident hot spots is also another way to prioritise routes. They do have limits in the sense that a new direct cycle route could become popular when it wasn't before.

  • Was really impressed when I saw those maps before. Would be interested to know based on that data (and potentially also on accident hotspots), what would be the top roads which could be prioritised for segregated infrastructure?

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    You can see some of the strava data here and here.

    Also I think this is quite a good mapping project tool!

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