Build it and they will come...

  • Well, I honestly wouldn't have expected this in a Glasgow development...

    The 96,250 sq ft New Exchange development, a two-minute walk from Glasgow Central station, will have just a handful of street-level electric car charging points. Instead of underground car parking, it will feature more than 4,000 sq ft of high-quality basement cycling facilities, including 108 cycle spaces, 108 lockers and 12 showers, for its 700-odd employee capacity.

    It's interesting to see a developer recognising that there's actually profit to be made in catering for active transport.

  • administrators

    It make sense to build infra for parking at the beginning and end of the bike journey too.

    It would be good to campaign the council to have stronger development policies. Some ideas:

    • Mandatory storage for new homes
    • Developers are responsible for repair and upkeep of a new area for up to 20 years - means they build it well first time round.
    • Parking at non-residential buildings like mentioned above.
    • Filtered permeability in new housing areas and no rat-runs.
    • Contribute to new cycle paths on main roads that connect to development.

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