• Stumbled upon the CycleStreets collection of pics tagged #glasgowcycleinfraday earlier today. Hats off to you @Magnatom, it was a stroke of genius.

    Here we are a couple of years later and I got to wondering if there was every any response to it from GCC? Couldn't find anything with a Google...

    Then I got to thinking, we're a couple of months shy of 2½ years. Could be that's enough time to get #glasgowcycleinfraday2 organised (if @Magnatom doesn't mind it being acquired?). A chance to see what's changed, and what hasn't. Maybe even enough time to get some other areas involved, make it in to a little competition for the Councils (we know how they like to win things).

    Just a thought 🙂

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    Sounds like a pitch for the workshop!

  • You see, you keep saying that... 😉

    I'm not a good public speaker (as in, I'm REALLY bad at it).

    Seriously though; I'll be there, and I've filled in the form... but beyond what I've written here I'm clueless! 😃

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    Particularly now that we have new councillors.

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    @JoeSoap76 There'll be limited time, so not every single pitch will be presented. But we'll show a list of available good ideas and point to each person to "talk to them over lunch". We'll work on campaign projects after lunch.

  • Okay, so that went better than I'd expected... 🙂

    #GlasgowCycleInfraDay17 is a go. We have a few details to iron out, but we're pencilled in for Friday, September 8th. More details to follow shortly.

    If anybody knows of anything else happening in Glasgow on that date can you let me know? We're trying to avoid any clashes. 🙂

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