SECC orange tube closed 4-7 Aug 2017...

  • Council notices up at the SECC's orange tube saying it, and some of the Clyde walkway, will be closed from 4th to 7th Augest. Yes, for the 'Ignition' petrolhead fest.

    They have provided a diversion map - along the other side of the river (presumably across Bell's Bridge), over Finnieston bridge and up the road....

    Nice to see official support for active travel in action.

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    @timba Thanks for the heads up. It wouldn't be so bad if we had a cycle network since then you could use alternate routes, but at present they don't exist.

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    One of Glasgow's busiest cycle routes:

    If the path continued parallel to the Clyde, then it could be isolated from the SECC site:

    Pedestrians are the worst affected; the diversion is convoluted and inconvenient on a bike but the extra journey time is not as excessive as it is for those on foot.

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