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Who to tell....?

  • As a long-time lurker on the Edinburgh City Cycling forum I've been impressed by the number of times someone says they've notified named person X or Team Y about some short term problem that needs sorting out.

    Anyone know if we've got equivalent communication channels in Glasgow?

    Has the not-too-impressive Cycling Czar sunk without trace?

    On my mind is that one of the gates at the north end of the foot/cycle bridge at the Science Centre has been left locked shut. Negotiating the turn on/off the bridge and each other is challenging enough for people (on or off bikes) with both gates open. Who're ya gonna call?!

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    Would that be the Millennium bridge?

    In the past I've contacted Land and Environmental Services directly but it appears the cycling page has specific email contacts:

    I've also just contacted my councillor.

    @DarkerSide might know more than me about these things.

    I'm not sure who has taken the cycling Czar post.

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    Hi I think Councillor Martin McElroy has taken up the role as cycling czar.

    However I have currently found the best way to get anything done in Glasgow at the moment is to report it through the MyGlasgow App on my phone.

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    Yup, I can answer that.

    Your person to call is councillor Anna Richardson ( or @annalangside on Twitter. She's rapidly becoming the champion of cycling and walking in Glasgow, and will try to help.

    If it's an obvious fix then the MyGlasgow app (also available here: works well. Calls go straight through to the dept that fixes them, bypassing the contact centre.

    Pro tip: if you're reporting potholes, be aware that the "multiple pothole" category goes to an engineer who then goes out and reassesses the entire road surface for replacement. You almost certainly don't want that, as it takes forever. Pick single pothole, and it'll get patched quickly.

  • Thanks all. I put it on FixMyStreet but nothing's happened. Now emailed Anna Richardson.

    And perhaps that app is finally a good enough reason for me to acquire one of those whizzy modern smart phone gizmo thingies.... Maybe.

  • Emailed Anna Richardson on 31 Aug, got reply 8 Sept from Claire O'Hara, Support Officer, forwarding email 'sent on behalf of Project Manager LES'. The lock on the gate had been vandalised so it had been fixed (?somehow) shut till a replacement arrived. They've now arranged to fix in open. Or as Claire says, it may be that by the time I got the email, the repair would have been done. The gate was open today.

    Claire's email says please feel free to contact Councillor Richardson if you feel she can be of any further assistance...

    So what (rhetorically) has to happen so that whoever is faced with a broken something decides on a temporary fix which is least inconvenient for users?

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