South City Way Consultation [29 Aug]

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    I should have put this up earlier. The event is today.

    [event][name]South City Way Consultation[/name][allday]false[/allday][startDate]1504015200000[/startDate][endDate]1504029600000[/endDate][reminders][][/reminders][location]Govanhill Housing Association, Samaritan House, 79 Coplaw Street, Glasgow ,G42 7JG[/location][description]Details here:[/description][mandatory]false[/mandatory][/event]

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    @un I was at this today - some pretty positive takeaways I think.

    One the downside, they've downgraded the proposed joint zebra/cycle crossings to bog-standard toucans, which is a little disappointing but somewhat inevitable. Visually-impaired charity RNIB had objected on safety grounds and GCC weren't supported by guidelines - just too risky given the still fairly high level of motor traffic on the road unfortunately.

    In better news, the crossing of the cycle paths will still be mini-zebras and the all-important bus-stop bypasses remain in place. In addition, fully-protected dutch-style junctions at Calder St and Alison St have been added, with (presumably) dutch-style left and right turns respectively (i.e. cross the side road then go right). Also suggests new light phases although I don't know if this was actually confirmed yet.

    I'll put more detail up - revised plans and brand new visualisations will apparently be on the GCC SCW mini-website in due course.